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With the word “traveled” in my URL, it only makes sense that I dedicate some space to my adventures. This page is home to the blog posts I wrote while studying abroad in Dublin Ireland during Spring 2016.

We’re Going on an Adventure - If you read my last post, you might have caught a snippet at the end about my upcoming study abroad adventures. So I’d like to confirm that I will indeed be spending my spring semester in the city of Dublin, Ireland! Exciting, right?
Castles & Other Beautiful Things - I’m in Dublin! Which is completely crazy and absolutely amazing. Especially because I get to be here for another four months! I’m still not sure I believe it.
Mountains, Books, Mountains of Books - I’m quickly beginning to realize that posting once every two weeks just isn’t going to cut it while I’m abroad — too much is happening! It’s been a busy whirlwind of activity and I’m not sure where I should even start, but I guess chronological order is probably the best way to go.
First Week of Classes, First Sighting of Sheep - My brain is going haywire thinking of everything I have to share with you, internet. I meant to post last night because I knew today would be particularly blog-worthy, but I got distracted. By what, you may ask? Oh you know, just booking some casual flights to Bruges and London.
Oh, the Places I’ll Go… For Yoga - As you probably know by know, yoga is kind of my jam. I don’t pretend to be some kind of yogi expert, but I’ve definitely learned quite a bit in the past few years and yoga has become an integral part of my weekly routine.
Celts & Castles (and Elephants!) - Okay, so, full disclosure,  I stole at least half of this title from the tour Apt. 29 took of Boyne Valley today. No shame. (I mean come on, you’ve got the two “c’s” making that hard “k” sound right in a row; it’s like phonetic music to my ears.) But we’ll get to that.
The Cultural Experience that is Irish Cinema - When I left my apartment for a walk last night, I wasn’t really expecting to have my heart ripped out of my chest, torn to pieces and then sewn back together again before being violently shoved back in. But alas, things happen.
Too Beautiful For Words - Normally I get back from my amazing and exciting study abroad adventures and the first thing I do is sit down and write. I blog and I journal and I do everything I can to preserve the memory as best as possible.
Lessons & Love, From Bruges - It’s Thursday morning and I’m sitting in my living room in Dublin sipping coffee, but would you believe I actually started my week off in Belgium? Because I did. I have pictures to prove it.
Lazy Weekend Adventuring at Kilmainham Gaol - Sometimes, you just need to take a breather. That’s pretty much how I’m feeling this weekend. After two consecutive weekends of travel and classes in between, I’m feeling a little bit drained. My introverted soul needs some me-time, and that’s okay.
To Good Friends and Spring Break - I am a lucky girl. I have no doubts about that. One of my best friends, Colette, is currently back in Boston, hopefully asleep because it’s somewhere between 4 and 5am there. But for a week she was right here with me, standing on Irish soil and seeing the world from a different perspective.
From Firenze to Roma - It’s a sad day, folks. I burnt my sweet potatoes. I know, how dare I? But alas, it happened. Sigh.
An Easter to Remember - Remember a few posts back when I got all excited about my really interesting Irish history class? And I went on and on about how this year is the 100th anniversary of the famous Easter Rising in Dublin?
Galway Girl in the Wild West - So my mom is great and gave me this little day calendar full of fun and inspirational quotes and sayings. Obviously I brought it with me to Ireland, and I just flipped to today’s prompt. It reads, “Happiness is…” with three fill-in-the-blanks. After this weekend?
Apartment 29 Takes London - It’s been awhile since the 29ers all took a trip together, so I’m sure you were all missing the stories about our crazy shenanigans. But not to fear! We set everything straight this weekend when we jetted off to London for a visit.
Sleep. Read. Reorient. - If I had to sum up today in a nutshell, I’d probably use those three words. I could be more specific, sure, but at its core, today was about self-care, and those words have a lot to do with it, especially that last one: reorient.
Happy Days in the Happiest Country on Earth - Well folks, we’ve reached the home stretch. In less than two whole weeks I’ll be on a luxurious flight to Boston, where I will meet my family for the final leg of my journey home. (I say luxurious because I’ve been flying with Ryanair all semester, and Aer Lingus’ complimentary water is going to be … Continue reading Happy Days in the Happiest Country on Earth
Slán go fóill, Ireland. Thank you. - I’ve been putting off writing this post for at least five or six days now. It’s the last one I’ll write from Dublin, and I feel this strange kind of pressure to make sure it’s a good one
10 Things I’ve Noticed Post-Ireland - List posts are in right now, right? At least that’s what they told us in my marketing class. So I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to organize my thoughts.